Our dream

8th of January 2015 became the real starting point of Gospel Explosion. Andrae Crouch passed away, and Leif Ingvald Skaug said to himself that “I will do anything in my power to keep the gospel music and the gospel choir tradition alive”.

8 years later, with almost 100 different projects involving over 3000 singers all over Norway, Gospel Explosion has become a solid choir movement for people loving gospel music and choirs. In addition to this, thousands of people have been to the concerts, and in February 2020 both projects in Bergen and Skien had over 100 singers in each choir.

12th of March 2020 Norway closed down because of Covid-19. And all the excitement over the great success in February quickly became just a faded memory. However, Leif Ingvald thought to himself that Gospel Explosion should move online while waiting for normality again.

18th of March 2020 he carried out Gospel Explosion´s first Online-streamed Choir Rehearsal on Facebook Live. With a 4G Smart phone as the connection to the world wide web, 3 singers and Ole Øyvind Heier on sound, picture, stream, cameras (as we were allowed to only 5 people in one room), 1700 singers from 12 countries showed up!

Some weeks later almost 2000 singers tuned in simultaneously from 80 countries to sing with Gospel Explosion. “Together we stand” was recorded from living rooms, bath rooms, kitchens, barns and cars from all over the world. And suddenly Gospel Explosion went global with over 1,6 million views on that song.

With some of the best musicians and artists joining for 7 years, some great ideas started to spin around in several people. JC Vesttun, one of the keyboard players in Gospel Explosion, suggested that Gospel Explosion should make an app for choirs, making it possible to rehearse more structured and inspired.

After almost 2 years of thinking, planning, thinking and even more planning, we are now proudly presenting Sing Anywhere - The beginning of an entire universe for singers, choirs and conductors! 

Together with a team of over 20 producers, musicians, singers, programmers, developers, designers and other key resources, Gospel Explosion is now ready for a new phase in taking the Gospel music and the Gospel choirs to the rest of the world. We really hope Sing Anywhere will give 1000s of choirs, directors, churches and singers a better and easier life when preparing for concerts, shows, fellowship and church.

In addition to Sing Anywhere, Gospel Explosion will still gather people from all over the place to sing together in projects. In Norway Oslo, Trondheim, Indre Østfold and Bergen, Leif Ingvald Skaug started regular choirs in 2022. Our dream is also to enable people to start new gospel choirs all over the world.

Do you want to join us?
Start your journey by signing up at We Are Voice now and be encouraged to sing more at home, but also together with others!


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